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Servicing And Repairs

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York Bridge MOT Centre image At York Bridge MOT Centre we know that you can have problems with your car at the most inconvenient times and our aim is to get you and your car back on the road as quickly as possible.

Between us we have been spannering for over 50 years and have gained the experience necessary, to diagnose and repair a wide range of faults on modern and older cars.

York Bridge MOT Centre image York Bridge MOT Centre image York Bridge MOT Centre image York Bridge MOT Centre image York Bridge MOT Centre image York Bridge MOT Centre image York Bridge MOT Centre image
Regular servicing of a vehicle is essential as components can deteriorate over time and failure can result in expensive replacement parts being required. Changing the engine oil ensures that all moving components continue to be properly lubricated and reduce mechanical wear considerably. Replacing spark plugs ensures correct running of the engine thus keeping your vehicle as fuel economical as possible. Nigel and Trevor at York Bridge MOT Centre in Morecambe have many years experience of servicing all makes of car and look forward to you contacting them to discuss your car servicing requirements.
Timing Belt / Chain, Cam Belt
A combustion engine uses a timing belt, a timing chain or cam belt to control the air intake and exhaust valves so that they synchronise with the position of the engine. Manufacturers publish an expected life span of this component and it is wise to adhere to this and have it replaced within this time. Failure of this component can result in damaged or broken valves as they can be fouled by the piston rods resulting in serious damage to the engine.
Keeping your brakes in tip top condidtion is essential for the safety of you, your passengers as well as all other road users and pedestrians. Modern disc brakes are very efficient but any form of contamination or damage to the discs or pads can reduce their effectiveness considerably. Don't take chances with your brakes, if they don't seem to be working as well as they did, call into York Bridge MOT Centre, near The York Hotel in Morecambe, for a brake test.
To many people, the clutch is simply the left hand pedal which makes your car go but if this component fails, the engine can run but the car cannot move. Clutches wear out over time especialy if you do a lot of town driving. The first sign that your cluch is going can be the engine speeding up without any noticeable increase in road speed. This is especially noticeable when going up hill. If this starts to happen to you, call in and see us at York Bridge MOT Centre as soon as possible before your clutch fails completely and leaves you stranded. It is a well known fact that clutches and other car components do not fail on nice sunny afternoons when you are not in any kind of rush. They are more likely to fail on cold Winter's nights when you are already running late for an urgent appointment.
Most of us have had the misfortune of having a broken exhaust and know how inconvenient it can be. Quite often an exhaust will start to fail and give advanced warnings of impending doom by starting to blow and go louder over a period of time. Ignore these warning signs at your peril as eventually it will part company with itself and make your car sound like a WW2 battle tank. It is not the sort of noise you want to be making as you return home in the early hours of the morning. If you suspect that your exhaust is making more noise than usual, call in to York Bridge MOT Centre, by the side of York Bridge in Morecambe, to have it checked out.
Wheel Bearings
Wheel bearings are the critical safety components on which your wheels rotate and usually consist of sets of roller bearings hurtling round a metal casing at high speed. These components are a major cause of MOT failure and are a relatively inexpensive component to replace. One of the fist signs that a wheel bearing is getting worn is an increase in noise especially when turning corners. York Bridge MOT Centre can quickly test for worn wheel bearings and advise on whether replacement is necessary. For your own peace of mind, get them checked today.
Steering, Track Rod Ends
The ability to be able to steer a vehicle is essential and quite a number of vehicles we see at York Bridge MOT Centre, in the Lancashire seaside town of Morecambe, are suffering from defects to their steering mechanism. The components which make up the steering mechanism of a vehicle are quite complex and it doesn't take much wear before there is a noticeable change to your steering's alignment and accuracy of your vehicle's steering function. Track rod ends are the components which transfer movement from your steering wheel to your front wheels. These critical safety components can wear over a period of time and first noticeable sign is a tendency for the car to wander around without any movement of the steering wheel. When this starts to happen it will continue to get worse until your car becomes undriveable.
The function of a car's suspension system should not be overlooked and without it you would be in for a very rough ride indeed. Springs allow movement in the car body so that the sudden jolts from your wheels hitting road bumps and those pesky potholes are not transferred directly to you inside the car but absorbed. A vehicle is further stabilised by shock absorbers which act as dampers opposing the bouncing action created by the springs. Springs themselves are quite robust items but shock absorbers require more frequent replacement. They can lose their effectiveness and cause the vehicle to continue bouncing after a road bump had been struck. Another symptom befalling shock absorbers is the lealing of oil and once this has ocurred, you should contact us at York Bridge MOT Centre as soon as possible to arrange for them to be replaced.
Never ignore a leak under your car
Under normal circumstances, the only time you should have any knd of fluid under your car is if it is raining or you have been washing it.
If you see any fluid under your car:-

Do Not Ignore it!

Bring your vehicle to York Bridge MOT Centre and get it checked out.
  • Oil - Your engine or gearbox could be at risk!
  • Water - Your cooling system could be leaking!
  • Brake Fluid - You might not be able to stop!
  • Beer - You bought some dodgy cans from the supermarket
If you experience any of the symptoms, except perhaps for the beer - contact Nigel or Trevor at York Bridge MOT Centre as ignoring a fluid leak could lead to the failure of a major component and result in a hefty bill.