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MOT Information

York Bridge MOT Centre image Current regulations state that all cars over 3 years old require a yearly MOT test to verify that they are roadworthy and free from dangerous defects. The test itself takes around 45 minutes and the MOT tester carries out a list of tests and checks as published in the Department of Transport's MOT test literature. Every MOT testing station carries out the same test procedures and there should be no difference whether you get your car tested in Manchester, Morecambe, Maidenhead or Macclesfield.

Your preferred MOT testing station in Morecambe should be York Bridge MOT Centre but we would say that as we believe we are the friendliest garage in Morecambe.

Beware of the Half Price MOT trap

York Bridge MOT Centre image The current maximum cost of an MOT test is 54.85 for cars (July 2015) so how can some garages offer MOT tests for less than half price and even offer to collect and deliver your car? Are they thinking about their customers and offering them a good deal?

Let's look at the facts and you decide:-

York Bridge MOT Centre image Here at York Bridge MOT Centre, Morecambe, we charge 45 for an MOT test and here is why. As a business, we have to make a profit to survive and we have calculated that a 45 charge for an MOT covers our expenses and we consider it is also a fair deal for our customers. Garages charging considerably less cannot be covering their costs so they have to make the money back some other way. Some of the larger garage chains offer very low priced MOT's but recoup the short fall by adding it to the cost of servicing. This is more than a bit naughty as a large garage will have much larger overheads than we do. This practice of offering really cheap MOT's is also carried out by some of the smaller garages but they tend to make up their profit by charging a bit more for replacement parts and in some cases failing your car on an item which should only be a notification, to you, that it is getting worn.

York Bridge MOT Centre image York Bridge MOT Centre image York Bridge MOT Centre image York Bridge MOT Centre image Most people are not mechanically minded enough to question the opinion of the MOT tester and therefore take the tester at his word. At York Bridge MOT Centre, we follow the guidlines of the MOT tester's manuals and only fail items if they do not meet the strict criteria and not as a means of boosting profits. If your car does fail the MOT test, on a major item or safety critical component, we will explain why it failed and if required, show you the offending part(s).

Car repairs can be expensive so you need a garage you know you can trust not to charge you more than the going rate. The Garage to choose in Morecambe for MOT testing is York Bridge MOT Testing Station, York Bridge, Morecambe.